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Sword of the New World - Preview @ Ten Ton Hammer

by Inauro, 2007-06-06 23:09:27

Also previewing Sword of the New World is Ten Ton Hammer.

In most other MMORPGs, you rely upon your singular character to provide you with a sense of uniqueness in the game. Sword of the New World takes that concept and turns it on its head. Rather than create one character “persona”, you create a “family” where all of your characters are branded with your selected surname. For example, if you select the name “Longrunner”, all of your characters will have the Longrunner surname (Micajah Longrunner, Ethec Longrunner, Boomjack Longrunner, etc.). To a degree, this takes away some of the sting you might feel in any other game. Just change out a character if you’re getting tired of your selected group.

Source: Ten Ton Hammer

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Sword of the New World

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