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Loki - New Trailer

by Dhruin, 2007-06-13 03:14:37

Cyanide has announced a new Loki trailer:

For those who prefer invocation invocation rather than decapitation, flaming enemies instead of mincing them, discover the magical touch of Loki with this video introducing the Egyptian Sorcerer and the Aztec Shaman.

Though they are less efficient in melee fights than the Norse Warrior or the Greek Fighter, these two characters are still quite powerful, especially when it comes to magic. Admire them evolving through this last video and discover the power of their spells.

The Aztec Shaman is a heroine gifted with magic and devoted to nature whose impressive invocations will be quite helpful in front of dozens of enemies that you will have to face across your adventure. She also has the ability to change into a panther to gain speed and power in melee.

The Egyptian Sorcerer has a darker personality and is well decided to write his own destiny thanks to dreadful spells and magic. He is the one with the most important learning curve as he looks so weak at the beginning of his quest.

See the video in streaming (Gametrailers)
See the video in HD streaming (Gametrailers)

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