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Spellforce 2: Shadow Wars Review @ Gamer's Temple

by Kalia, 2006-05-30 19:36:00
Gamer's Temple gives Spellforce 2: Shadow Wars 85% in their recent review. The review is fairly short with no accompanying screens and the editor interestingly says that this game is likely to satisfy action-RGP fans. Additionally, he has this to say: <blockquote><em>SpellForce 2 would be easy to recommend based solely on its campaign play, but the skirmish mode adds its own excitement to the game and will provide for some fun gameplay after youa "!ve made your way through the campaign. In this mode the game plays like a more traditional RTS game with emphasis on resource gathering, base-building, and army raising. SpellForce 2 departs from the standard RTS model in that you create your hero before entering skirmish mode and this hero will grow in experience and abilities as you play your way through the skirmish battles. Each map has a recommended hero level associated with it and this guide should be adhered to as an underpowered hero can easily find himself slain by the first sword blow the first time the enemy is encountered.</em></blockquote>Find it <a href="http://www.gamerstemple.com/games8/001073/001073r01.asp" target="_blank">here</a>.
Source: Gamer's Temple

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