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Eschalon: Book 1 - Hands-on Inpressions @ Official Forums

by Dhruin, 2007-06-14 23:36:53

Basilisk Games has allowed a beta tester and forum member to post some short observations about Eschalon, and the thread continues with some discussion and further details:

First off, the screenshots don't do the game true justice, it looks great. I'd say it's just slightly ahead of the game Arcanum in it's general graphic presentation, but with some really beautiful effects (eg from explosions, smoke, lighting).

Traveling through the game is quite lovely. The background music is the right balance of ambience and actual style and detail, which gives great character to one's travels. This added with very nice environmental effects light torchlight in the dark and fireflies floating about at night, just breathes life into the game. So this is not some half-realised project, it's very full and atmospheric. Setting up camp at night really feels like you're camping.

Thanks Sanday and Thomas!

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