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Depths of Peril - Updates @ Official Site

by Dhruin, 2007-06-14 23:44:53

Soldak let us know they have posted a new story called Tribute and three new monster profiles (Giant Spider, Sentinel, Dark Elves) at the Depths of Peril site:

Bevan peered through the window overlooking the waterway. He couldn’t see the waterfall pouring into the narrow lake. The river split at the ends of the lake and circled around the noble houses before rejoining. Bevan watched a man push a raft with a long pole toward the lesser houses.

Sometimes he thought about what his father’s life might be like in the free lands, beyond the Cliffs of Keeping that defined the home of the Rimround people. The high cliffs surrounded the land completely, a gigantic gorge, making it a safe haven. Other times his mind drifted to memories of Lyselle.

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