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Bioshock - Interviews @ FiringSquad, GwJ

by Dhruin, 2007-06-20 04:58:55

FiringSquad has spoken with Ken Levine in an article-format interview from a Bioshock press event back in April:

We first asked Levine about the massive amount of content that we encountered in just the first two levels. The amount of weapons, the special powers (called plasmids in the game) and other factors made BioShock feel like a full game. Levine assured us that we haven't seen anything yet. "There's like 12 or 14 active plasmids in the game," he told us, "There are eight weapons. You haven't even seen the weapon mods or the crafting and invention system. You haven't touched the storyline. You are just getting started, man".

There's also a podcast interview with Ken at Gamers with Jobs.

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