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Sacred 2 - Interview @ GameSpot UK

by Dhruin, 2007-06-25 00:15:34

Ascaron's Christian Grunwalk has spoken to GameSpot UK about Sacred 2:

GSUK: Was it a challenge to create such a large world in 3D, and will people with low-spec PCs still be able to enjoy the game?

CG: Yes, it was definitely a challenge, but we knew that was what we wanted to do, and we knew that Sacred 2 simply had to be in full 3D. We did consider licensing a game engine, but none of those we tested (including some well known engines) satisfied the requirements for Sacred 2. As such, it was necessary to create our own engine, which is what we have done. One of the exciting things about Sacred 2 is the freedom you and your character will enjoy throughout the game.

As you suggest, the flip side of a completely 3D world is the demand on the PC running it. With Sacred having a massive userbase across hardcore and casual audiences, the optimisation process was given a high priority to ensure we deliver a beautifully presented title with huge gameplay rewards that will run happily on low-end systems.

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