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WoW: Ask the Developers @ Stratics

by Dhruin, 2006-06-22 00:28:00
WoW.Stratics has their latest bi-monthly community Q&A, with questions answered by Tom Chilton (Lead Designer) and Jeff Kaplan (Lead Designer):
If I don't have any level 60 characters, and probably won't by the time the expansion is released. Will it be worth it for me to buy the expansion? Specifically, will there be any instances, quests or areas that are part of the expansion for characters level 1-59, and will the new battlegrounds be for level 60-70 characters only? - Garrett Guillotte from the Feathermoon realm.

A. There will be new zones for levels 1-20, new pvp features and content will be accessible by players who have not quite reached level 60, and there will be a brand-new profession: jewelcrafting. With that being said, please keep in mind that the new content is primarily oriented toward players who are either starting new characters or continuing their max-level characters.

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