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Sacred 2 - Try Multiplayer at the GC

by Gorath, 2007-06-29 03:07:47

A PR about the Sacred 2 presence at this year´s Games Convention in Leipzig can be found hidden in the depth of the German Sacred 2 forum. We´ll post more than the following quite solid fan translation found in the English forum when Ascaron considers the news important enough to officially inform their international fan base. ;)

Potsdam, 27. June 2007 Ascaron, one of the leading German publishers and producers of game software has announced their cooperation with the German ESWC on this year's Games Convention. Visitors will have the exclusive opportunity to try out the Action-RPG hit Sacred 2 - Fallen Angel and take it up against each other in Multiplayer fights.

SACRED 2 – Fallen Angel will present an exclusive area of approximately 130 m² gaming arena that will be integrated in the booth of ESWC Germany. This is where game fans will have the opportunity to try out a multiplayer part that was especially developed for the exhibition and compete against other visitors.

Up to 16 players can play in one tournament simultaneously. Thanks to a highscore ranking the hourly and daily scores as well as the total scores of the Games Convention can be arranged. All interested gamers can subscribe for a slot in advance at the end of July.

Together with ESWC Germany and the organizer Top Ideas we have found a solid partner for this year's Game convention. SACRED 2 – Fallen Angel will play an important role for the eSport community because the "Electronic Sports World Cup" is one of the biggest revelations in years for eSport-Fans. We are therefor very happy that we can share a booth together.“, comments Heiko tom Felde, Director of Publishing of ASCARON Entertainment GmbH.

„SACRED 2 – Fallen Angel will definitely take an important place in the eSport community. The interest for the exceptional Action-RPG among eSport fans is already gigantic. All the more it brings us joy to  exclusively present this title to our visitors.“, says Nescho Topalov, Managing Director of Top Ideas Marketing & Events GmbH.

The Games Convention takes place in Leipzig [,Germany; ed.] from the 22nd to the 26th of August 2007.

The text was slightly edited, the last two paragraphs heavily. 

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