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Bethesda Softworks - Blog & Interviews

by Dhruin, 2007-06-29 23:46:22

Bethsoft has launched a new blog (thanks to Briosafreak's Fallout 3 blog), to be used as an un unofficial community sort of thing - here's Pete Hines' explanation:

We already have an outlet for official info on our games, but have been pretty limited on providing info on cool mods that are out, put up a gallery of fan art, do short Q&As with devs from different games, answer questions we get from people in a place where everyone else can see it too, or, I dunno, show off a Fallout 3 paint job someone here did in Forza 2…that kind of thing. Official sites aren’t always a good way to do that sort of thing, and things tend to get lost in our forums fairly quickly. Since gaming is what we do for work and play, hopefully this blog will cover plenty of both.

Anyway, the first real content is a profile interview with Emil Pagliarulo:

1) What’s your job at Bethesda?

I’m the lead designer of Fallout 3.

2) What prior projects have you worked on?

Let’s see. Here at Bethesda, my very first task was creating all the miscellaneous quests for Bloodmoon, the second official Morrowind expansion. I then did a lot of design work on Oblivion, including the Arena and Dark Brotherhood. Before working at Bethesda, I was a designer on the Thief series, and worked at Looking Glass and Ion Storm Austin.

In other news, you can catch Game Informer's Matt Miller in a podcast with radio station KFAN discussing the time he spent with Fallout 3.

This newsbit originally had Matt Miller writing for the Bethsoft blog - which is of course a silly idea -  it's actually Bethsoft's Matt Grandstaff; apologies for any confusion from my brain explosion.

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