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Fury - Beta Application @ Official Site

by Inauro, 2007-06-30 02:38:47

Signups for the Fury beta are now open.  Here's the pitch from Auran:

This is your chance to be among the first players to experience a brand new genre of gaming - the first ever PvPMMO (Player vs Player MMO).

Sick of picking flowers or farming pigs and mindless AI monsters?  Jump into FURY for its fast paced PvP from the word go. 

If you enjoy running through sunny meadows collecting herbs for your next quest, stop reading NOW!  If you would rather mercilessly slaughter the herb picking care-bears then read on…

Got what it takes to compete? Can you handle defeat at the hands of your opponents and stay focused through thrill of victory? Just fill in your details, and begin to define your place in FURY history.

Let your friends clan-mates and guild-mates know about this sign-up, and get them to join you in-game as you form the first Clans and gain immortality on the Beta Ladders. If you have no friends then be sure to get in-game and make some quickly, allies are one of the few aids in the fight to make a name for yourself.

Sign up now, as numbers are strictly limited!

Source: Auran

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