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D&D Tactics - Interview @ RPG Vault

by Dhruin, 2007-07-03 00:25:08

We've probably been remiss in not covering this handheld PSP game previously because the D&D license and turn-based combat puts in squarely in an area of interest...so, RPG Vault has an interview with lead designer Lee Brimmicombe-Wood from Kuju (who developed the MP aspect of Dark Messiah among other things):

Jonric: To begin with an introduction to D&D: Tactics, what kind of game is it, and what's the current status of development?

Lee Brimmicombe-Wood:
D&D Tactics is a turn-based tactics game. We felt this format was best suited to reproducing the feel of the tabletop game as it closely follows the combat rules in the Player's Handbook. We began the project back at the beginning of 2006 and the game is currently in submission with Sony.

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