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Gods & Heroes - Preview @ GamersInfo.net

by Inauro, 2007-07-03 23:13:10

GamersInfo.net spends some more hands on time with Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising.

Gameplay from level one through level forty is primarily quest driven (you can just go out and hack and slash if you want to but you will be missing a key element in the end - minions). When you choose your class at creation - scout, priest, nomad, mystic, soldier or gladiator - you must also choose to align with one of two gods with that class. Twelve unique gods for six unique classes. What does this mean? Unique spells, unique attacks, unique armor, unique quests, and unique minions.

How does one quickly explain minions? They're not pets. I mean, who has over 100 pets? Who dresses their pets? A pet is usually a tool, like a spell or a weapon. Minions are grouped in various formations of four for maximum efficiency dependent upon the situation. Minions level as you use them, with their own feats and skills. They complement your own skills, or supplement them - it all depends upon who you bring to the party. And you can trade them! Minion-loot is cool.

Source: GamersInfo.net

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