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Gods & Heroes - Cultural Descriptions @ MMORPG.com

by Inauro, 2007-07-03 23:18:12

Perpetual Entertainment has been kind enough to provide MMORPG.com with a series of cultural descriptions of the player races to be featured in Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising.

The Romans, or Latin tribes, are obviously one of the most clearly defined groups in history. Their most prominent characteristics were incredibly organized military might, exceptional engineering skill, adoption of many aspects of classical Greek architectural style but with the addition of realism and flourish, and their use of ceremonial regalia. The Romans are epic and heroic in appearance, using classic design with flourishes, rich bold colors, well engineered and epic structures and militaristic pageantry. Their structures and clothing use the repetition of perfect circles, even proportioned rectangles or squares and flourishes to accent those.

Source: MMORPG.com

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