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Gods & Heroes - Visit Report @ RPG Vault

by Inauro, 2007-07-05 23:04:54

RPG Vault visits Perpetual Entertainment and reports back with some inside details on gameplay in Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising.

The other notable element shown was an elder game instance. To provide a bit of context, the most dangerous foes in Gods & Heroes are not the ones listed above. The most powerful enemies are the predecessors to Jupiter and the other Olympian gods who supplanted and banished them. Known as Telchines, they have returned to the world to seek their revenge. Tackling such a creature in its lair isn't even remotely feasible for a single character, not even with a full complement of minions, so Perpetual set up groups of five players, all having level 40 characters, to go after one named Chalcon. This was no easy dungeon romp despite being transported into position, which avoided a considerable amount of preliminary fighting. When a single blow takes away three-quarters or more of your health, the difference between life and death is one heal coming a split-second too late. Still, it seemed everyone enjoyed the fight, although I didn't see anyone succeed.

Source: RPG Vault

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