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PotBS - Chat Transcript @ Official Site

by Inauro, 2007-07-05 23:17:17

A transcript of the recent Pirates of the Burning Sea developer chat session is now available at the official site.

<[SK]Tiber> How are you going to represent personal achievement?

<[FLS]Taelorn> Ships are one of the simplest and most visible ways. You can identify a lot about a player based on the ship that they’re sailing.
<[FLS]Taelorn> There are several ships that come post level 50, that are prestige items that help players stand out.
<[FLS]Taelorn> Ships of the Line are the primary post 50 ships, and they have massive amounts of firepower and armor but they are poor hunting ships.
<[FLS]Taelorn> Beyond that, we are working on unlockable costume pieces.
<[FLS]Taelorn> There’s a variety of costume options that will be locked behind accomplishments
<[FLS]Taelorn> For example, navy uniforms based on your rank, a hook hand or an eye patch
<[FLS]Taelorn> We have a system of player titles planned out, but it won’t be in at launch. Title rewards will be given throughout the game for various achievements (once we add them)

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