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Overlord - Interview @ GCM

by Dhruin, 2007-07-07 01:12:43

Triumph Studios' Lennart Sas has been interviewed at Game Chronicles about Overlord:

GCM: The game seems to be story driven and possibly even a bit linear. What level of replayability will there be once gamers have finished the game the first time?

LS: The game starts out linear, but when it gets underway you can visit multiple domains from your tower and have multiple quests and story branches going on at once.

Corruption has an effect on how the game plays. More experienced players will find a challenge in playing the game 0% corrupted – imagine trying to contain the enthusiasm of 50 maniacal minions! Or you might try and a accomplish 100% corruption and find every corrupt act to do in the game

Next to Single Player there is also head to head multi-player using three game modes.

Source: GameBanshee

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