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PotBS - Beta Preview @ Coldfront

by Inauro, 2007-07-08 02:37:27

Coldfront spends some beta time with Pirates of the Burning Sea and finds the game significantly improved since the last viewing.

One of the most surprising ways that PotBS has improved as the beta as progressed is in terms of general graphical quality – particularly surprising because the game already looked good in March '06. Nonetheless, Flying Lab have continued to improve the character models, and particularly the scenery, to ensure that PotBS’ graphics quality remains excellent.

The game itself has changed substantially for the better as time has progressed, with a greater amount of polish provided by in-game music, the tweaking of general mechanics, and the interface. The first large change we encountered was with the database wipe that came with the introduction of the in-game economy, requiring testers to build and maintain facilities in order to construct the in-game items.

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