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Gods & Heroes - Interview @ Curse Gaming

by Inauro, 2007-07-10 23:34:57

Curse Gaming has a video interview with Seth Olshfski, the Development Director for Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising.

What kinds of game play changes do they make in this early stage of beta? Seth gave us some examples; revamping the starting island was one of the things they've done two times now. He then went on to talk about how they've iterated the graphics of the water and lightning; it makes for a great environmental appearance where reflections of buildings, trees, and even player and NPC models show up in the water.

He talked about one of the goals during these iterative reviews; going back through zones to shallow out some of the watery areas - allowing players to fight sea creatures and see reflections of the battle taking place in the water; something sure to enhance the game play experience, and one of the many things that shows Perpetual has a keen eye for detail.

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