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Obsidian Entertainment - Feargus Urquhart Interview @ WarCry

by Dhruin, 2007-07-11 11:59:07

NWN2 WarCry has a profile interview with Feargus Urquhart, talking about his background and work life:

WarCry: Everyone is pretty acquainted with your development background at Black Isle and in the classic RPGs of the past. But what is your gaming background? Have you always had an interest in gaming?

Feargus Urquhart: Pretty much, although I think I was an electronic gamer, before I was a Pen and Paper gamer. Odd for my generation, but probably less odd now. Other than the normal board games everyone plays as a kid, my friends and I started playing the games that showed up on watches when I was in 3rd or 4th grade. I then got an Atari 2600 when they came out and played Intelivision for hours and hours at one of my friend's houses. I then got a Commodore 64 and actually paid for a couple of games that came out. I played Bard's Tale 1 through 3, Ultima 2 through 4, Wasteland, Wizard's Crown, the Phantasy series and a bunch of things on the 64. I also ran a BBS here in Orange County from around 1984 until 1988 that was called Dargaard Keep (most of the time) under my alias of the time Lord Soth.

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