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Hard to be a God - Storyline PR

by Dhruin, 2007-07-11 23:59:10

Hard to be a God Euro publisher Nobilis sent out the following press release on the story:

Nobilis unveils the storyline of HARD TO BE A GOD

Hard To Be A God is due for Q4 2007 on PC

It's easy to be a hero.

It's hard to be a God.

In Hard To Be A God, you will discover the universe of the Strougatsky brothers' eponymous novel, a reference in the world of science-fiction.


Earth and Arkanar are two planets that once appeared as very similar. Indeed, for centuries their people shared a mutual history and friendship.

Although after a terrible war between both planets, the two societies completely split apart and lived secluded from each other. While planet Earth followed the path of modernity, the society of Arkanar strangely stagnated.

On the one hand, due to mysterious reasons and omnipresent violence, the Arkanar Kingdom barely evolved, remaining in a medieval society.

On the other hand, the Earth Empire considerably evolved mastering incredible technologies. Intrigued by the stagnation of their former patriots the Earth Empire decides to send a special secret agent.

This hero is secretly sent to Arkanar in order to investigate on the reasons why evolution on the two planets diverged. In order to achieve his mission, our hero will have to restrain the use of his modern equipment. Indeed, an excessive exposure would draw too much attention, and who knows what could happen if people started thinking that he's a god?


· A medieval universe and non-linear scenario based on the science-fiction novel, Hard to be a God, published in 1964, by the Soviet writers Arcady and Boris Strougatsky.

· A role playing game cleverly combining, adventure, espionage and science-fiction.

· A real and living world thanks to an advanced NPC system.

· Encounters of great depth: the attitude toward the hero changes considering the clothes he is wearing and his appearance, opening up a wider range of dialogues and leading to different possible results.

· A climatic change system featuring day/night alternation.

· More than 200 types of weapons and 200 types of armours. Access to futurist technology replaces the magic system.

· Journey throughout the Empire on horse back and fight.

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