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Space Siege - E3 Previews @ Eurogamer, GameSpot

by Dhruin, 2007-07-12 23:36:43

A brief overview of Gas Powered Games' Space Siege is up at Eurogamer:

Space Siege promises to have tactical combat action, where you'll need to dynamically use your environment to outsmart and lay ambushes for your enemies. You'll do this with the help of your customisable robot partner, HR-V.

Everything from the robot's armour, weapons and special equipment can be upgraded, and it will respond to your commands to help make your fancy manoeuvres successful. The pair of you can even combine your efforts to pull off special moves. Flipper and that freckly boy could never do that.

GameSpot's is quite a bit longer:

Gas Powered Games is pretty straightforward about their goals with the game: while it will have a brand-new rendering engine, they're not intending to reinvent the graphical wheel. (Even though the game is early in development, it may not support DirectX 10, to give you an idea.) Instead, their focus will be on allowing you to inhabit the character of Seth and telling a deep and engaging story. One of the ways in which they intend to focus the player's attention is to eliminate the traditional large party of characters that you travel with in RPGs. Instead, Seth will be the only character that you're capable of controlling in the game, although he will be able to have a robotic friend named Harvey that will proceed with him and who can help out during combat.

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