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UFO: Extraterrestrials - Review @ Eurogamer

by Dhruin, 2007-07-15 23:44:56

Eurogamer is one of the handful of major sites to review UFO: ET.  The score is 6/10 with the author clearly conflicted between the solid underlying gameplay and some of the implementation issues, as well as the overall concept:

Then there's the issue of plagiarism, on which I'm actually conflicted, despite everything I've said earlier. You rip off a concept which eight-thousands people have ripped off, you're just working in a tradition. You rip off something no-one else has been brave enough to, you're a plagiarist. That doesn't seem fair - surely it's better that we have something akin to X-com to play in the modern day? Imagine if there hadn't been a one-on-one fighting game released for eight years or so. That's a bit like this.

But in this case, I think what actually annoys is the exactness of the lifts - for example, the Terror missions - which grate. If this was an X-Com-clone with some obvious ideas of its own, it would be easier to forgive. When it really doesn't, you end up recalling that the Gollops are off working as an independent-developer on great-but-minor games like Laser Squad Nemesis and the Game Boy Advance title Rebelstar: Tactical Command. In any fair world they'd be - oh, I don't know - Britain's answer to Sid Meier or something.

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