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Hero Online: Latest Update

by Dhruin, 2006-06-22 22:42:00
Here's the latest on Hero Online, straight from MGame:
First of all, we appreciate all players who have participated in Hero Online First Closed Beta.

We hereby announce very important notifications regarding the Second Closed Beta that we kindly request for your special attention.

1. Schedule :

- Date : June 21 ~ 26, 2006
- Launch : In the evening of June 21, 2006 (US Pacific Standard Time, GMT -8:00)
Specific time will be announced on the website in the afternoon of June 21, 2006
- Time : 24 hours

2. How to participate :

- The First Closed Beta Participants: Players may feel free to continue the Second Closed Beta without any registration/Digital Key Activation. We have not wiped any of account or character information.

- New players: If players want to be a participant of the Second Closed Beta, click HERE for detailed instruction.

3. After the Second Closed Beta :

The Account information will not be cleared; however all the character information will be wiped. Be hyped for the upcoming Open Beta of Hero Online!

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