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Fury - E3 Beta Preview @ MPOGD

by Inauro, 2007-07-19 23:20:47

MPOGD spends some screen time with Auran's upcoming MMO, Fury.

The tutorial makes it very clear that the real battle is the fight for essences, which are the lifeblood of the realm, and required to unlock memories of the past (i.e. hidden abilities). Once you have enough essence of a specific archetype, you can talk to a guide, and have options presented to you on how to spend your points. Characters will usually need to undergo trials to complete the skill unlock, by spending essences and picking up pre-requisite skills. There is a graphical bar to monitor progress towards skill goals, and once the bar is full, you can pick the reward from the guide, and the skill is unlocked and available for use.

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