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Mass Effect - Q&A and Trailer @ GameSpot

by Dhruin, 2007-07-20 13:20:31

Mapping the Galaxy is the title of a Mass Effect Q&A at GameSpot with Casey Hudson, Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka that starts off talking about an expanded E3 trailer they have on offer but then gets into more interesting material:

GS: It's actually possible to have a party member who is a member of Saren's race. Is that right?

CH: Yes, that's correct.

GS: So, there will be a lot gray areas between the different alliances, the different races?

CH: There's really a huge world built up behind the scenes of the Mass Effect universe, so all the different species that you come across have histories and all of these things are actually written into the way that you experience the story. So when you take different characters with you, really only a few of the characters in your potential squad are human and the rest come from alien species of different backgrounds, and you'll actually see how they interact with each other in a way that reflects their different histories.

RM: Depending on who you have with you, the experience you have is going to be different as well. So, combined with the tons of permutations--where you can do different things [in a] different order, you can go to uncharted worlds, or focus more on the main critical path, branching off...when you want--it provides a ton of replay as well. It's a really rich experience as a result because you've got your own spaceship, the Normandy, you get to travel around the galaxy and do whatever you want. And there's a great storyline that's really compelling behind it all.

You can stream the video from a link on that page. Thanks, Vistaer Dragon!

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