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Sacred 2 - Interview @ Killer Betties

by Dhruin, 2007-07-23 23:46:01

Sacred 2 project lead has been interviewed at Killer Betties.  Here's a sample:

SACRED 2 will also have a dual-running storyline, where players will be able to partake of the "Light" side of things or the "Shadow" side of things. What difference will the moral scale of the player have on the game, story, and what types of quests and goals they'll have, that the other side of the moral scale won't?

Both paths will have a set of side-quests especially designed for them with special awards and special twists. On the path of shadow, you will encounter quests that you can’t solve without a certain "evil" attitude. There is an entire set of morals behind both aspects, which -- when taken as a whole -– make perfect sense. Sadly, that’s too deep into the main storyline to describe here.

Of course, both paths will shape the course of the world. The NPCs will respond to you according to your attitude, either with a mixture of respect/admiration or respect/fear.

Source: GameBanshee

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