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Space Siege - Preview @ ActionTrip

by Dhruin, 2007-07-26 14:59:52

ActionTrip is the latest site with a look at Gas Powered Games' Space Siege.  Here's a snip:

We'll get back to the cybernetic upgrades (which are sort of the meat of the RPG aspect and the story itself), but before that, I interrupted the presentation to ask: "Why not another fantasy setting?"

Chris was quick to point out that he simply saw a gap in the action RPG market. There are too many games being centered around Tolkien-esque worlds and many derivatives of thereof, so the team at Gas Powered thought it might be fun to actually expand the genre a bit in that sense. This is all a matter of preference really, I am a huge sword-and-spell buff for example, but a compelling storyline remains just that - compelling no matter which fantasy shell you give it. A good example of this might be what Bioware's doing with Mass Effect. In a sense, both Space Siege and Mass Effect fill out a certain niche within a particular niche segment of the market, which is the single-player action RPG sub-genre.


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