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Sacred 2 - Interview @ GameBanshee

by Dhruin, 2007-07-27 00:55:07

Ascaron Creative Director Hans-Arno Wegner talks to GameBanshee in this interview on Sacred 2:

GB: What were your primary design goals with Sacred 2: Fallen Angel? What areas of the original game did you feel needed to be improved or expanded upon in the sequel?

Hans: We want to create an even more beautiful and living world. This was the reason why we changed to a full 3D engine with full physics support in order to create the atmosphere we want to have for the title. We wanted the world to be authentic and elaborate and feature intricate details. We have had a lot of ideas from working with the original Sacred and Sacred Underworld that we want to realize in the sequel. There were definitely some areas we wanted to improve. One of these points had been fighting from the mounts, which we improved greatly. In fact, we made several improvements. We optimized the whole battle system and the character development, and we improved the enemy and NPC AI.

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