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Bethesda Softworks - Joel Burgess Interview

by Dhruin, 2007-07-27 23:49:49

An Oblivion modding community called Silver Rose Studios spoke to Bethsoft level designer Joel Burgess in this interview.  The topics mostly cover Oblivion modding and Joel's work:

If I were to wander around the oblivion gameworld, what would I see of your work? (specific areas) (abe)
I came onto Oblivion fairly late in the production cycle, but managed to get my fingers into a number of dungeons before we shipped. Some of my favorites are: Vilverin, Lost Boys Cavern, Rockmilk Cave, Ceyatatar, Underpall Cave, and from Shivering Isles: Ebrocca, Xeddefen, and Milchar.

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