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Sacred 2 - Character Classes Press Release

by Dhruin, 2007-07-27 23:57:55

Ascaron sent out the following press release on character classes for Sacred 2, possibly to give the PR guys something to do.  It names the six classes, although we still know nothing about most of them.  Here you go:

SACRED 2 – Fallen Angel is the highly anticipated sequel to SACRED; one of the most successful action RPGs ever created.

In SACRED 2 – Fallen Angel the player assumes the role of a character and delves into a thrilling story packed full of quests and secrets to be unravelled. Breathtaking combat arts and sophisticated spells are waiting to be mastered. A multitude of weapons and items will be available, with a variety of bonuses allowing players to enhance their character and create a unique and distinct hero.

The six characters that the player can choose from are Dryad, Seraphim, High Elf, Inquisitor, Temple Guardian and Shadow Warrior.

Of the two available campaigns (Light and Shadow), the Seraphim follows the path of peace, while the Inquisitor is destined to journey in the shadows. Dryad, High Elf, Temple Guardian and Shadow Warrior may become either heroes who strive to prevent the world lapsing into final chaos, or villains who spread the chaos for their own benefit.

All the characters have access to different mounts. These mounts provide a new approach to adventuring and combat. In addition to using combat arts and spellcasting while mounted, each of the mounts is devastating in its own right.

The Seraphim, or Fallen Angels, are mystical, angelic creatures; the oldest inhabitants of Ancaria. Fast and elegant, the most striking feature of the Seraphim is her wings, which serve as a deadly weapon but also as protective armour. In SACRED 2 – Fallen Angel the player can assume the role of the Seraphim and protect the world from chaos. The Seraphim unique mount is the tiger; a fast and powerful creature.

The Shadow Warrior is a mighty force in battle! Enslaved and trained by the High Elves, he excels at melee fighting. They turned him into an elite warrior to follow only one burning ambition: victory in battle! He died on the battlefield but was brought back to life from his eternal slumber. Now, he travels between the realm of the dead and the world of the living. Torn between good and evil the player can take on the role of a Shadow Warrior and fight for the peace and liberation of Ancaria or pursue the dark path in order to reach the ultimate power. The Shadow Warrior rides the hellhound, a fierce mount making the Shadow Warrior a formidable opponent.

Further details about the ancient Seraphim, the fearsome Shadow Warrior and the remaining four characters will be unveiled in the coming months leading up to the release of SACRED 2 – Fallen Angel in Q1 2008.

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