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Gods & Heroes - HoC Transcript @ Stratics

by Inauro, 2007-07-31 23:12:03

A transcript of the first House of Commons session with the developers of Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising is now available at Stratics.

<Sprite> <cnumartyr> I was wondering about the feats that involve the squad. Noticing on the released feat trees it seems there are certian feats that apply to a certain type of minion (Infantry, Skirmishers, etc). Does this mean encouraging class X to use more of Minion Type Y?
<Volibar> Yeah some of the Squad Feats encourage you to use particular minions of your base type.  Think of it as you being their teacher in the ways of combat.  There is no penalty for using other types though, so it's not something where we're forcing you into it - but for you hardcore Min/Maxers it'll probably be appealing and beneficial.

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