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King's Bounty - Interview @ SC

by Dhruin, 2007-08-01 00:36:22

Katauri Interactive was interviewed at E3 by StrategyCore about their upcoming King's Bounty title:

SC: The hero doesn't participate in the combat, only the troops?
In King's Bounty, you got one hero which moves around the gameworld in real-time. Unlike the Heroes series, it is all happening in real-time. It’s not mission based and there’s only one hero on the map. As soon as battle mode starts, it’s turn-based, and it’s only your soldiers, your troops that are fighting on the map. The hero himself does not participate in the battle. He coordinates the battle and helps with some magic spells but he doesn’t participate in the battle.

SC: What are the RPG elements?
There are a whole lot of RPG elements in the game. We’ve got a huge tree for the main character, where he has characteristics, perks and so on. There are actually 3 character classes that you start up with at the beginning of the game: warrior, paladin and magician. After you pick up your specialization you develop the character through the game. You can also develop the rage demons that you’ve seen. They also have 3 levels, so you can upgrade these creatures as well.

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