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Sword of the New World - Reviews @ TrustedReviews & GameSlave

by Inauro, 2007-08-01 23:19:43

GameSlave and TrustedReviews consider imcGames and K2 Networks latest offering, Sword of the New World.


The fighting is fierce - fighter characters will be constantly hacking in elaborate twirls and stabs, gunmen will blaze off thousands of rounds in each dungeon, and magic users will be the centre of a veritable disco inferno of energy beams and fire bolts. The intensity and body count of dungeon raids really puts the crunchy combat goodness back into the MMORPG. As long as the fight is still going to plan, the player will concentrate on inventory and health management, the right timing of specials, and the position of the fighters - with the actual repetitive aiming and slashing done for you. It's a testament to good balancing that this takes out much of the tedium without disconnecting you from the action. Swapping weapons whilst in the field will automatically swap the character to the required style and reassign the hotkeys to the relevant special powers - an example of a simple design feature that can make all the difference to uninterrupted game play and taking the grind out of basic character management.


To be honest, my first half-hour in Sword of the New World didn’t give me hope for anything more this time around. Point-and-click controls and a dumb, floating, right-mouse button controlled camera give the game the unfortunate feel of a B-grade offline RPG. The game seems full of pitiful attempts to build atmosphere, not to mention some rotten translations that constantly have you asking “What? Why? How? The game seems disjointed, and it’s unclear where you have to go and what you have to do. As I struggled through the tutorial missions one July morning, I thought K2 Networks would be lucky if I bothered playing past the first hour.

At approximately 1.30am that night the joke was on me. Once you get into it – and it does take a little getting into – Sword of the New World is a refreshingly different fantasy MMO.

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