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Bethesda Softworks - Interviews

by Dhruin, 2007-08-02 23:55:45

The Bethsoft blog is home to two new interviews from the last couple of days.  First, there is a profile interview with QA Lead Christopher Krietz:

As the Oblivion Game of the Year test lead, what is it like testing a game that you’ve already played for hundreds of hours already?
I won’t lie and say each moment is as good as the first few with it, but I can still sit down and enjoy playing. I’ll still find things I hadn’t seen before (I only found out about the giant mudcrab fairly recently, for example), or get into situations that are new and exciting even now. There’s a bit of tedium with it, sometimes… but in the end there is a comforting feeling, being in Cyrodiil, it’s almost like being home.

...and an interview with Matt Firor on Zenimax' MMO division:

What projects/games are you going to be working on?

We’re way too early in the process to be talking about any concrete plans we have, except to point out the obvious that we develop MMOs.

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