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Titan Quest Q&A @ Sound Blaster Gaming

by Kalia, 2006-06-23 18:20:00
Sound Blaster Gaming has posted a recent Q&A with sound designer Scott Morten. Given that Sound Blaster deals with...sound, it's logical that he's who they'd interview.

Here's a snip:
Q3: With the popularity of recent films and television programs focused on ancient Greek or Roman civilizations, do you think gamers now have an expectation of what a game set in that era should sound like?

Well, maybe. If I'm correct, most of the movies about ancient Greece and Rome are pretty much focused on war or gladiators, and most of them star Russell Crowe. (All of them, right?) If players are expecting swords and raging battle sounds all around them, I think they will be pleasantly satisfied. There will be plenty of armor-bashing, sword-slashing gladiator moments while playing Titan Quest. I think what will surprise players the most is actually some of the music, because there's more "history" in the score than you typically get in Greek and Roman-oriented blockbuster movies. The voice-overs are also a great part of the history in the game because you've got storytellers in every major town and city - they'll fill you in on each culture's myths, and even offer their own culturally-biased perspectives on what's going wrong with their world. I think the audio in the game will please players, yet teach them a little at the same time.

Read it here.
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