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Mass Effect - Blog Update and Upcoming Podcast

by Dhruin, 2007-08-04 09:20:59

BioWare's Mass Effect blog at IGN saw an update we missed earlier in the week that covers E3, the villain Saren and creating a monster:

They said it would be easier. They said it would be more casual. But for us this year’s E3 was as crazy and busy as ever as we revealed a bit more of “Mass Effect,” both in video and live demo form. Though the show has obviously changed dramatically, the experience was uncannily similar to past E3s from our perspective. Other than being at the breezy beachfront location of Santa Monica and not having a huge show floor spectacle where people can see a snapshot of the industry all in one view, E3 was as it’s always been for us: several days of demonstrating our game behind-closed-doors to give people an intimate look at what we’re making.

In other Mass Effect news, community coordinator Chris Priestly is looking for community questions to throw at Casey Hudson in an upcoming poscast - head to this thread to participate.

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