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Loki - v1.0.6.0 Patch @ Worthplaying [Updated]

by Dhruin, 2007-08-04 09:33:21

Worthplaying has a v1.0.6.0 patch for Loki, although there is no news of the actual fixes or what languages this may suit (126Mb).

[Update]: Thanks to Sir Brennus, here are the notes:



- Optimisation of memory when changing level.
- Some of Egyptian's spells froze the game.
- Apply Poison and Apply Ice skills of Greek heroine applied no state.
- Various problems existed with speed of attack.
- The Tabasco Delta level (Aztec world) was missing a teleportation portal.
- The arrow indicating the "Voyage into the Underworld" quest was not correctly displayed in the "Passage into the Underworld" level.
- The arrow indicating the "Voyage of the dead" quest was not correctly displayed when hero returned to speak with Charon.
- Correction to a display problem when XP reached 200.
- Henceforth, when a hero comes back to life his/her mana is restored to max and cooldown levels are reset.

- Slightly less raw material required when reforging/overlaying weapons/armour.
- Slightly less likelihood of coming across unique items in chests.
- Improvement to system enabling objects to be obtained that corresponded to hero's profile (Aztec, Egyptian, Greek, Norse).
- Hero gains more XP when killing certain classes of monsters and all types of boss.
- Suppression des dgts physiques supplmentaires de la comptence Bull Charge.
- Additional physical damage removed from Bull's Charge skill
- Increase in duration, bonus and mana cost for Giants' Strength skill
- Decrease in bonus / Increase in duration and mana cost for Aesir Armour skill
- Revision of quest rewards : more XP and gold, more random items generated as rewards.

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