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Spiderweb Games - View From the Bottom #9 @ RPG Vault

by Dhruin, 2007-08-06 23:41:02

Jeff Vogel's latest View From the Bottom column is up at RPG Vault.  The topic is end-game content in MMORPGs, which probably indicates he isn't quite as over them as our last interview suggested:

We've started to let our five-year old daughter Cordelia play World of Warcraft. She runs her cow-person around the starting town, hits birds and pretends that everyone she sees is her friend. We don't have to pay attention to her. Win-win all around.

The other day, I asked her if she was winning. She said, "Daddy! This is not a winning game! You can't win!"

Then I asked her what you do in the game instead. After some thought, she said, "Nothing."

Sometimes children are wise beyond their years.

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