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Mass Effect - Blog Update @ IGN

by Dhruin, 2007-08-06 23:53:08

E3 is again the subject of another update to the Mass Effect blog at IGN:

We’ve had a lot of great feedback from this year’s E3 demo, but it was a long and treacherous road to get there. As E3 approached this year, we realized that we had a problem. We’ve talked about how“Mass Effect” puts you in control of emotionally-charged decisions that have a huge impact on the game world and the way you experience the story. But we realized that it was time to show a deeper look at what we meant by that. However, all of those situations in the game are, by definition, major spoilers. How would we show these amazing moments without giving away something that players would want to discover on their own?

We considered a few options. We thought about showing the moments leading up to a critical decision, but not showing the resolution of the situation. We thought about picking one of the less-critical decisions in the game so that there would be a resolution but no major spoilers. In the end, we realized that the only way to really illustrate the power of these moments in “Mass Effect” would be to show what it’s actually like, all the way through to the full conclusion of a major story twist in the game. We’d have to trust the journalists to write about the quality of the experience, and not the story details that would spoil things for players.

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