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Sacred 2 - Preview @ Gry.o2.pl

by Dhruin, 2007-08-08 09:27:04

Polish site Gry.o2.pl has been busy lately and they have another interview - this time for Sacred 2 with Ascaron's Alan Wild:

Klecha (Gry.o2.pl): What kinds of characters and professions will be available in Sacred 2: Fallen Angel? What sort of skills will each character have?

Alan Wild (Ascaron Entertainment): As in the original release, Sacred 2 will offer a choice of six characters. Our characters are designed to bring something new to the genre. Our choice of characters is just one reflection of how Sacred stands out in a crowd. We know that the characters are a key element of any RPG title. Players need to feel attached to their chosen character. We want to give every character something special. Even characters that fit classic gameplay styles (at first glance) have some unexpected but very cool aspects or abilities.

In Sacred we differ in Attributes, Skills and Combat Arts. Attributes are values that define the physical appearance and basic conditions of a character (for example, Strength). The Skills are passive abilities the character can learn in Ancaria. Sword fighting is one out of nearly 30 that a character can learn. Both Attributes and Skills can be upgraded with each level up. The Combat Arts are the active combat moves, buffs and spells which the character can use during a fight. Each character can make their selection from 18 unique Combat Arts. 

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