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Fury - Business Model Announced @ Official Site

by Inauro, 2007-08-09 23:10:58

Auran has announced its planned business model for Fury. The official site has the full press release.

Brisbane, Australia, August 7th, 2007;
Auran Games today made their long awaited announcement regarding the new business model for their upcoming PvP MMO, FURY. The game will be available from both retail and online at standard retail pricing from October. It is free to play with regular free content updates, plus an option to subscribe for additional benefits. Importantly, all players, regardless of subscription status, have access to the most powerful items and abilities in the game. Subscription offers additional benefits, choice and flexibility.

Tony Hilliam, Auran CEO, explains; “FURY is a game that blends elements from different genres; the pace and adrenaline rush from FPS games; the depth of character customization from RPGs; and the social and virtual economy aspects from MMOs” he said. “Therefore we wanted to make sure that our business model took into account the different expectations of various player types.”

All players in FURY start out as “Immortals” for their first month of play. Immortal status gives players a range of additional benefits including:

  • Quick travel in the Sanctuaries and Schools
  • VoIP talk privileges
  • One additional Item Roll Slot
  • Extended “rested gold bonus”
  • Selling privileges on the Auction House
  • Priority log-in queuing
  • Entry into weekly and seasonal Ladders
  • Personal player battle statistics
  • In-game Customer Service access
  • Elite access to the test server to preview new content

Source: Auran

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