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Nethergate - Windows Version Released

by Dhruin, 2007-08-10 10:44:32

Spiderweb has released Nethergate: Resurrection for Windows and, as usual, there is a large demo to try out.  Here's the blurb from the official site as a refresher:

At last, Spiderweb Software's classic adventure of treachery and battle in ancient times has returned! Travel back to ancient Britannia for a tale of cunning foes, vicious battles, and a race to rediscover the lost secrets of magic.

Nethergate: Resurrection is a huge, exciting, fantasy role-playing game, that features:

  • Two different sides, the powerful Romans and the savage and cunning Celts. Each side has a completely different full-length adventure.
  • Enormous game world, with dozens of dungeons and many characters and quests.
  • Fascinating storyline. Fight for freedom, or further the glory of the Empire.
  • Lost secrets of magic! Dozens of spells and hundreds of hidden magical artifacts.
  • Innovative story and unique setting. Unlike any fantasy game you've ever played.
I had great fun with the beta, so do check it out if you like Spiderweb or indie CRPGs.


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