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Spellforce 2: Shadow Wars Review @ Game Chronicles

by Kalia, 2006-06-24 19:44:00
<a href="http://www.gamechronicles.com/reviews/pc/spellforce2/shadowwars.htm">Game Chronicles</a> shot up their review of Spellforce 2: Shadow Wars today. The score comes in at a very nice 8.8/10.00 and the article says: <blockquote><em>Last but not least, throw in wide range of skirmish modes for both single and multiplayer, although the latter may be a little hard to find, as this game doesna "!t strike at many to be an online foray. Best just to find local groups of players via forums or even in your own circle of buddies. To summarize: a ton of value here, months and months worth, and no word on expansions either, but I wouldna "!t rule any out.</em></blockquote>
Source: Blue's News

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