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Mass Effect - Four Things @ Gametap

by Dhruin, 2007-08-15 00:43:47

Gametap has a preview of BioWare's Mass Effect subtitled "four things every sci-fi fan needs to know":

1. Intergalactic Travel
What would any epic science-fiction adventure be without any sort of planet jumping? In Mass Effect, you (playing as Commander Shepherd) will travel to all sorts of different locations around the galaxy. When you arrive on a new world, you’ll encounter friends that may be more than willing to help out, and plenty of enemies waiting to take you down and prevent you from stopping the genocidal plot initiated by an alien named Saren. Each of the worlds we’ve seen so far look fantastic and do an excellent job of making it feel as though you’re truly in the outer space equivalent of the Wild West. Representatives from BioWare have even gone so far as to say that you won’t see every planet the first time through the game.

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