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Loki - Review @ Gamers Europe

by Dhruin, 2007-08-15 02:43:21

Ouch.  2/10:

My main problem with Loki is that it's absolutely no fun to play after the first level. Firstly, it's too difficult, even on the easiest setting. It's not difficult in a challenging way, it's difficult because there are so many enemies you will die constantly because of the massive odds stacked against you. Secondly, it requires zero skill to play. The gameplay consists of you clicking on the screen to move your character and then clicking on the enemy you want to hit/shoot at. If you miss, it's not decided by your skill as a player, it’s decided by a couple of computerised dice somewhere in the game working out your percentage To Hit ratios. Most RPGs get away with this because of the wealth of skill options available to you, you can usually invest skill points in every facet of your character – from different types of attacks to how good they are at cooking. But not in Loki.

No, in Loki, you level up spells occasionally and physical attributes regularly. There are no choices to make because they've already been made by your choice in character. As a warrior, you will upgrade your strength and toughness. As a wizard, you will upgrade your magic reserve and movement speed. You do choose how many skill points to add to each one but the choices are so generic; you may as well not bother. This all means that it is not your skill getting you through the game, it is those computerised dice. This throws any sense of achievement you feel through levelling up out the proverbial window.

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