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Sacred 2 - Dev Diaries @ RPGDot

by Dhruin, 2007-08-16 01:19:01

RPGDot has posted another two Sacred 2 dev diaries.  Here's a sample:

People say game developers work in windowless rooms, have no social contacts to speak of, and know women only from hearsay. Every single one of them bridges the 4 inch distance to the screen with 2 inch bifocals - thanks to good ol' Franklin.

With that tool developers may not only glance efficiently from screen to pulp to computer mags, oh no, their hands have to leave the keyboard only to push a piece of pizza into the gaping hole in their face.

This efficiency is incredibly important, because it's a well known fact that everybody involved in the production of a game is a programmer.

The game designers program the game's story. The graphic artists program the graphics. The programmers write green code, which runs down on the screen, and even the marketing department programs ads for games mags, movie theatres and TV like mad.

Entering the industry, however, I realized that some rather unimportant details of this image don't exactly match reality.

Diary #2 and Diary #3.

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