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Titan Quest: Review @ PALGN

by Dhruin, 2006-06-24 23:57:00
The second Titan Quest <a href="http://palgn.com.au/article.php?title=Titan+Quest+Review&id=4784&sid=aa0763b369327c9681d9cb467a905b9c" target="_blank">review</a> he have tracked is at a site called PALGN, with a score of 9/10, citing it as "one of the best PC Games on the market for the year":<blockquote><em>As much as Titan Quest is an action game, it stays true to its RPG sub-genre. Gamers are able to customise their character from the get-go. You can choose from either a female or male warrior, and after achieving your first level, youa "!re able to choose a mastery skill. The mastery skills in the game determine what kind of warrior you will be. While youa "!re ideally a Spartan, god-like human, youa "!re able to vary how you achieve your success on the battlefield. There are a total of eight masteries in the game, which include your typical warrior spec, a hunter with amazing bow and spear skills, a necromancy-like spec that allows you to leech life and summon spirits, and various other specs that allow you to perform different elemental magic attacks such as fireballs and thunderbolts. So, ita "!s fairly deep in whata "!s at hand, and ideally how you can approach your battles. Rather than being a single class throughout the entire, lengthy game, players are able to also select a second mastery soon after their fast, enabling them to choose to be a hybridised character or, if you wise, to be the same character throughout the entire game. So this allows gamers to choose whether to be a hard-hitting warrior with fire spells that allows them to run in battle with a firewall that hits surrounding enemies or a life-leeching warrior that can fire lightning bolts.</em></blockquote>

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