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Sword of the New World - Review @ Ten Ton Hammer

by Inauro, 2007-08-21 23:25:33

Ten Ton Hammer has put together an informative and balanced review of Sword of the New World.

Though the multi-character control system is a terrific evolutionary step in the growth of MMOGs, the combat and questing system in Sword has some significant hurdles for Western players to get over. In general, the combat is very auto-attack oriented in its style; you can choose to do very little actual hotkey work if you choose to. Even with this, the grind in the game is obviously still included, even though K2 has improved it significantly from what it was. Questing is also quite laborious compared to contemporary styles in North American games like World of Warcraft. Quest directions are pretty sparse, and even in some of the earlier quests I found myself completely clueless on what to do next.

Source: Ten Ton Hammer

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