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Loki - Review @ gameSlave

by Dhruin, 2007-08-23 00:11:36

Loki has been reviewed at gameSlave, finding the title too streamlined for the PC but awarding a reasonable 7/10:

The easiest way for the particular features and balances of Loki to be explained is this - it's on the wrong platform. Loki is a fine game, but would nearly certainly be far more at home on your home console. Cyanide went to great lengths to put the Hack and the Slash back into this RPG genre, and have succeeded by the bucket 'o blood full. The beasts come in wave after wave, and on any stage you can expect to slaughter your way through hundreds. Your character does have a weight limit to the loot their can haul, but compared to any other RPG its huge. When do get full, your Scroll of Town Portal analogue is infinite and will pop you to and from the potion and poleaxe shop with utmost convenience. The inventory system is quick and convenient, with equipment easily toggled on an off and potions automatically assigned quickslots.

Source: Bluesnews

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